Solid quality assurance policy

Rivièra clings to a solid quality assurance policy. A clear organisational structure and clear procedures prevent us from being faced by surprises. Task and back-up are well organised, as are quality control and a clear complaints procedure. We submit ourselves to stringent quality standards. Because, whether we are dealing with a promising small product or an A brand, since 2000, Rivièra has aimed for the best quality for every order.

Accepted Quality Level (AQL)
Rivièra works with Accepted Quality Level (AQL), a quality level agreement that we jointly draw up for every new product. In that agreement, we jointly lay down what you may expect of us. It describes the quality requirements that your product must comply with.

ISO and HACCP directives

Rivièra is ISO 9001 certified and works in accordance with the European HACCP directive for food safety.


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