Innovative in packaging and outsourcing

Rivièra stands for innovation in packaging and outsourcing. We wish to present you with full service solutions in high quality sleeve decorations for a broad European market. We take care of the worries of brand manufacturers and owners about art work until the delivered high quality packaging.

Vision on packaging

Our customers inspire us
"As pioneer of sleeving within Europe, we see it as our task to promote the latest sleeving techniques. Being and remaining the market leader, which we achieve by following developments all over the globe. Our customers inspire us. Through intensive contact we manage to jointly turn create ideas and desires into beautiful packaging solutions that contribute to originality and effectiveness in branding and promotion.

We complete our product with our outsourcing concept that enables us to fully take care of the principal's worries. Indeed, in a manner that permit the customer to fully concentrate on his marketing and production. Perfect quality is an absolute prerequisite. We monitor that quality through applying a solid quality assurance policy. Taken altogether, it means that is is very hard for other providers to even equal our efficiency, or indeed for brand manufacturers and owners themselves. Whether the volumes are large or small."

Fred Sterk, Managing Director

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