Advice in development

"Riviéra has creative ideas and an original view on packaging compared to other companies in the field. In the 5 years that we now collaborate,  Riviera has been positive and proactive. This young flexible company is sleeving our brands Nivea Soft and Nivea Sun (Invisible) and advises us in the development process of new packaging such as the Nivea Soft jar with the special designer sleeve.”
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Milan Design Week & Sensation White
At the first introduction to sleeving techniques, the graphic quality management team of Heineken decided to contact Rivièra with a view to looking at the possibilities for applying them in their own marketing. The opportunity arose soon in the shape of the Milan Design Week 2012, where Heineken was hosting 'Heineken, The Club'
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Thinking along in the design
"Thinking along, it makes the difference. The position of a DPG logo on the design of one of our variants AA Drink was recently shown not to be correct for the German market. In such cases, Rivièra notifies immediately." United Soft Drinks, the company behind AA Drink and Raak children's cola"
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Protecting the product
The bottles of Dooley’s liquor by the german family company Waldemar Behn GmbH are sleeved by Rivièra since 2006. "Our product is very sensitive to UV and other sorts of light. Apart of the extensive possibilities in design, the protective effects of the sleeve is also an important reason to choose this kind of packaging for our product.” More »

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