Nivea Sun Invisible

For the fingertips

A beautiful design, but one with a challenge. The designers of Beiersdorf presented the patented design for Nivea Sun Invisible, the blue spray bottle with the characteristic ergonomic cutaways on the sides. And exactly those cutaways that fit the fingertips, presented a challenge to our project manager and manufacturing. But they solved it.

Sleeving with a special technique

In order to achieve a perfect final result for the design, our technicians fitted two sleeving lines with a special technique that applies micro perforations to the centre of all cutaways, so that no air would remain trapped underneath the sleeve. The total body sleeve ends at the top underneath the cap of the bottle and reaches to below the bottom. The foil that is used is scratch-resistant and protects the product against the UV rays, to which that packaging is exposed at every use.

Nivea Sun Invisible

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