Milan Design Week & Sensation White

At the first introduction to sleeving techniques, the graphic quality management team of Heineken decided to contact Rivièra with a view to looking at the possibilities for applying them in their own marketing. The opportunity arose soon in the shape of the Milan Design Week 2012, where Heineken was hosting 'Heineken, The Club'. In close cooperation with the graphic quality manager and the designers of Heineken Global Commerce on the one hand and the account manager and project manager of Rivièra on the other, an extraordinary final result was achieved. A sleeve design that reveals three different patterns under three different colours of light. In the opportunity bar in Milan it was airy green light in the bar area, warm red in the DJ area and black light for the lounge effect. Heineken is positive about the manner of cooperation from design to sleeving until the moment of delivering the bottles to the fair in Milan.

Sensible and vigorous

"Frisian sensibility with a soupçon of North-Holland vigour make of Rivièra an excellent partner to work with." Heineken Global Commerce also mediated in the contact with Heineken Italy, where Rivièra supplies matt white bottles for the 'Sensation White Italy' dance event. Moreover, the manufacturer of the world brand is positive about 'Your Heineken'. Through the web site or through the Heineken Experience, the consumer or tourist can have a very personal decoration applied to a sixpack of bottles.


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