Another eye catcher
Glass-pack is a unique system, where a drinking glass is put on the neck of a bottle with a plastic mould. We can supply the drinking glasses - with print, if you like - or you can supply them yourself. The glasses can also be engraved. Just before closing the box, your staff will fit the glass-pack in-line.

Drinking glass as premium
The drinking glass as premium is a powerful selling incentive for drinks, an efficient promotional action. The sleeve that surrounds the glass can be fully printed and becomes thereby a real eye catcher on the shelf.

Proposing art work

We shall be pleased to make a proposal for art work, based on your idea, but you may also submit your own art work. If desired, we will arrange the entire promotional action for you. Your product can be in the shops within six weeks.

Bacardi Fles en Glas
Malibu Fles en Glas

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