Smart logistics

Stock and just-in-time delivery

Good logistics, which is perfect just-in-time delivery of exactly the correct quantities of packaging in accordance with the right specifications. Smart logistics according to Rivièra goes still further than that.

Cost reduction
We aim for cost reduction and achieve that by smartly dealing with transportation and warehousing. For every order, we consciously and thoroughly look at the possibilities of saving on costs. For example, we use special transportation for empty packaging, which consumes less fuel. We also look at more efficiently loading of the pallets. Outsourcing pays itself back!

AGP Excisable Goods Place

AGP Rivièra is an official Excisable Goods Place (Accijns Goederen Plaats) under fiscal legislation. That means that your products that contain alcohol may temporarily leave your company for the purpose of being packaged on our premises, without you have to pay excise duty.

Catrinus Vroom
Catrinus Vroom
logistics and supply chain professional

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