Advantages of sleeving

More possibilities than a label
A sleeve gives you more space for reaching different target groups as well as nationalities than a label does. A sleeve is like a second skin. It fully assumes the shape of the packaging, where another alternative - such as printing on the packaging - has its limitations. Playful windows in the art work - spy holes - make the product visible where desired and provide, if you like, a view of the landscape on the inside of the packaging. Moreover, the foil is scratch-resistant, because the printing is on the inside.

Extra options in sleeving
A sleeve can directly function as sealed packaging and as a tamper evidence. And, as per your wishes, we can also give the cap of packaging a stylish or promotional appearance - cap sleeving - or we include the cap in a full body sleeve. Numbers and codes are simply applied in a numbered through manner.

Your filling process will become up to 35 % more efficient
Pre-sleeving - sleeving of the empty packaging - obviates the need for in-line labelling and make your filling process up to 35 % more efficient. Rivièra is very flexible and can deliver packaging at a late stage and just-in-time. Sleeving offers high quality at an attractive price. Go for the Rivièra outsourcing concept.
Nivea bottle sleeve
Nivea Sun

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