Technical know-how in stylish packaging
A stylish second skin for your plastic, glass or metal packaging. A professionally applied sleeve lends your product an appearance of quality. The sleeving technology has evolved enormously and, as European sleeving specialist, Rivièra stood at the cradle of that development. Through our thinking along, our technical know-how, our flexibility and the manner in which we take care of the worries of our customers right through to the filling line, our company has earned the trust of manufacturers of magnificent products in a wide variety of markets.

Production technique and capacity
We know how to perfectly sleeve any shape of packaging by using techniques that we have developed ourselves. And our people are not content before that. Unusual shapes are our specialisation. We achieve a perfect picture on unusual shapes through accurate pre-distortion, also at the waist and bottleneck. With six sleeving lines, we have a large production capacity and flexibility at our disposal.

Outsourcing, an economical choice
It pays to outsource the sleeving of your packaging, with all concomitant activities, to Rivièra. Our large production capacity and technical know-how guarantee a perfect and flawless packaging product.

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