Cost reduction and short time-to-market

Your quality product deserves quality packaging. Perfectly sleeved packaging confirms that quality at the point of sale. Rivièra is your outsourcing partner. We can shift quickly. You sleeves will be in stock with us and we take care of your worries from calling the lot and transportation of the empty packaging from your supplier to the just-in-time delivery of the sleeved packaging at your filling line. Rivièra optimises your flow of goods by preventing waiting times, storage, wastage through excess production and unnecessary logistical movements. Our efficient working manner translates into cost savings and shorter time-to-market.

You will focus on production and marketing and we on your packaging
Sleeving is a trade that you can outsource to a specialist, without worrying about it. A specialist, who supplies packaging that does justice to your design and the image of your product. An expert with a trained eye for perfect results, who maintains and sets his advanced sleeving lines well. The support of artwork, promotions of special adaptations, the latest sleeving techniques and possibilities, the solving of your problems and, of course, the entire logistical path to your filling line, demand know-how and experience. Whereas for your staff those specialist tasks form an additional load, they are core business for Rivièra. Rivièra takes care of your worries. An investment that pays for itself through cost savings and increased turnover.

The advantages of outsourcing to Rivièra:
  • you focus on your core activities: production and marketing
  • perfectly sleeved packaging enhances the image of your product
  • efficient application of your working capital
  • fast time-to-market
  • increasing the productivity of your filling line by 35 %
  • no investments in and upgrading of equipment and machinery
  • always the latest possibilities in foils and printing techniques
  • leading in the latest developments and promotions
  • large sleeving capacity, six perfectly maintained sleeving lines, enables fast switching between different products and package shapes
  • technical know-how and experience in sleeving
  • exact quantity of packaging delivered just-in-time to your filling line
  • efficiency in transportation and logistics
  • cut-price procurement of empty packaging
  • reduction of waste and of excess production
  • one contact person, one stock number and one invoice for your complete packaging

Johan Holtrust
Operational Manager


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