Pioneer in sleeving
Rivièra is the pioneer in sleeving within Europe. In 2002, Ernst Sikkens began, together with a partner, with applying simple decorations on packaging. Completa Coffee Creamer of FrieslandCampina (the former Friesland Foods) was the first Dutch product that was given a decorative shrink sleeve by Rivièra. The Dutch drinks company Toorank, also today one of the firm customer relationships, followed quickly.

Development of sleeving lines
During the subsequent years, the company itself developed advanced sleeving machines, whilst production capacity and manufacturing demand kept equal pace. Initially, Rivièra manufactured mainly for the foods sector and breezer market, the so-called alcopops. Later, there was a shift towards distilled. Nowadays, the focus is also on cosmetics, home care and personal care.

Small and big brands

Going for quality in foils, printing techniques, sleeving technology and a structured organisation proved to be fruitful. Small and also big brands found the path to Rivièra. Now, almost fifteen years later, Rivièra has grown to be the European sleeving specialist.



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