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Rivièra has been a pioneer in its industry since it began applying simple decorations to packaging in 2002. Completa Coffee Creamer by Friesland Campina was the first Dutch product for which Rivièra manufactured a decorative shrink sleeve. Shortly after that, we began applying sleeves for another Dutch company, Toorank International Spirits, which is still one of our regular clients to this day. Rivièra went on to build a large domestic and international clientele.

While developing its own advanced sleeve lines and increasing its manufacturing capacity in line with demand. Initially, Rivièra predominantly manufactured sleeves for the food industry, but later branched out into sleeving for food related and distilled goods. Currently, our main priority is home and personal care products.

Our commitment to offering high-quality films, printing techniques and sleeve technology and building a well-structured organisation has been quite succesful. Small and large brands soon became aware of Rivièra. Now, more than 20 years later, we are the number-one European sleeve specialist.

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