Sleeve decoration

Shelf impact with a sleeve
A split-second. That is the time that the consumer needs for making his decision. First the colour, then the shape and only then is it the turn of the other aspects of your packaging, when he browsing the retail shelf. With sleeving you are homing into this all-decisive point of sale (POS).

Unlimited in colours, relief and surfaces
A bottle or jar is given a powerful brand appearance by applying a sleeve with a strong graphic design in all possible colours. Because of the foil, it is possible to work with limitation with colours and relief and the large surface provides you with sufficient space for projecting your logo and for product information. Much more than the traditional label.

An investment that pays for itself
We offer full service solutions and take care of all steps for you, from design, the latest applications and warehousing to just-in-time delivery. You can call batches of your sleeved packaging in any volume, ready for your filling line. Outsourcing of sleeving pays for itself. Increase in turnover in combination with cost control makes it a simple choice.


Fred Sterk
Managing Director

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