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Benefits of sleeving

Compared to a label, a sleeve gives you more space for designs and, if necessary, more scope for appealing to a variety of target groups in multiple languages. A sleeve is like a second skin. It takes on the form of the packaging in its entirety, whereas alternatives such as labelling and printing directly onto the packaging has their limitations. If desired, windows can be incorporated into the artwork to make the packaged product visible. Sleeves are also scratch-resistant because they are printed on the inside.

De voordelen van sleeven | Rivièra Product Decorations B.V.

A sleeve can also serve as tamper evident. Consequently, any tampering is immediately evident. We can sleeve the cap of a vessel with stylish campaign artwork – this technique is known as ‘cap sleeving’ – we can incorporate the cap into a full-body sleeve. Consecutive numbering and coding can also be applied.

Pre-sleeving – the sleeving of empty packaging – eliminates the need for in-line labelling and enhances the efficiency of your filling processes. Rivièra offers great flexibility and is able to provide sleeving until a late stage of the process for just-in-time delivery. With Rivièra’s outsourcing concept, you can be assured of high quality at a competitive price.

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