What determines its quality?

The art of sleeving
Connoisseurs recognise perfectly sleeved packaging. The process is a very precise one. On the one hand, we are aiming for perfectly printed foil; and on the other hand, the correct technology is required. Before a technically well printed shrink sleeve fits your packaging like a glove, we will have dealt with all possible obstacles.

Assured of perfectly sleeved packaging
Think carefully about what you will be doing, if you want to do the sleeving yourself. Apart from investing in machines, perfect and faultless sleeving requires a lot of technical know-how. Transferring of the design to the packaging is an art in itself. For, logo's and design must accurately fit the shape of the bottle, flask or container. Rivièra has been practising that art for almost 15 years, already. It is our speciality. Outsourcing to Rivièra pays. You will be assured of perfect and flawless packaging. Look at our outsourcing concept.


Inspiration folder

Svedka fles

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