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What determines the quality of sleeved packaging

Experts can identify perfectly sleeved packaging in an instant. It is a finely tuned process that starts with a perfectly printed sleeve and ends with the right application technique. Before moulding one of our perfectly printed sleeves to your vessel, we make sure we have tackled every possible obstacle.

If you are planning on applying the sleeves yourself, you should be aware that, in order to achieve perfect, error-free sleeving, you need to invest not just in machinery, but also in technical know-how. Transferring the design to a package is an art in itself, as logos and designs need to align perfectly to the contours of a bottle, flask or container. In addition to technical know-how, knowledge of the industry is a must. One only learns from experience where the best sleeves can be obtained. Rivièra has been specialising in this art since 2002. Outsourcing to Rivièra pays off. With us, you can be assured of optimally sleeved packaging. 

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