Production capacity

Development under own management

Our production is based on six advanced sleeving lines that have been developed under our own management. The sleeves are fully automatically applied and positioned in accordance with agreed specifications (AQL); also on embossing. We have developed proprietary technology through steam tunnels. Characteristics are stainless steel piping, perfect steam conditions, optimal management of shrinking, safe working places and low energy consumption. Our technicians themselves develop applications and solutions for specific and unusual shapes of packaging and new expressions.

Our different sleeving lines
Which of our six sleeving lines we will deploy depends on your product or your packaging. Three fully automated lines are designed for high speed sleeving and are suitable for large volumes. The other three are designed for sleeving special shapes, medium large and small quantities and large sizes, very unusual 3D concepts or personalised products. With our expansive specialistic capacity we can simultaneously sleeve many types of packaging, which makes us fast and flexible.

HACCP en ISO directives

Rivièra adheres to the European directives for food safety and our company has ISO certification: NEN ISO 9001:2008.

Quality standards for cosmetics

We apply strict quality standards, developed by the larger cosmetics producing companies.

Sleeve Machine

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