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Manufacturing capacity

We manufacture on eight advanced in-house-designed sleeve lines. The sleeves are applied by means of a fully automated process and in line with agreed specifications (AQL). We apply shrinksleeves using our own steam technology, this is characterised by stainless steel piping, perfect steam conditions, optimum shrinkage control, a safe working environment and low energy consumption. For specific and non-standard shapes of packaging and special sleeves, our engineers develop their own applications and solutions.

For the application of stretchsleeves 2 state of the art sleeve lines have been installed. In contrast to shrink sleeves no shrink tunnel is required to apply the sleeves tightly around the packaging. This minimizes the energy consumption and stretch sleeve labels use less material and provide a comparable look to traditional shrink sleeve labels.

Which of our eight sleeve lines we use depends on your requirements, packaging and the size of the batch. Six of our automated lines are suited to large volumes. The other two are set up for series of sleeves upwards of 25,000 units, non-standard shapes or extra-large dimensions, or combined use for repackaging activities. Our extensive specialist manufacturing capacity enables us to sleeve large volumes of packaging simultaneously, making us fast and flexible.

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