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Full service

As a sleeve specialist, we offer a full range of service levels. Our Sales Manager and Project Manager play a central role in this process. As fixed points of contact, they prefer to advise our clients at the earliest possible stage in the process as to the various sleeving and outsourcing options available to them. Our aim is always to produce perfectly sleeved high-quality packaging that fits seamlessly with your logistics and filling line.

From supplying sleeves to taking care of the entire process, Rivièra offers it all.

Our basic service consists of supplying sleeves and professionally applying them to your packaging. This is referred to as ‘all-in sleeving’. In addition, we can purchase the empty packaging you require and deliver it to you, sleeved, as complete packaging. Our smart logistical solutions allow us take care of these activities for you subject to our competitive storage and transport fees.


In order to achieve an optimum design our Project Manager collaborates intensively with designers of packaging and sleeves. Finding the perfect combination between the aesthetics, material of the sleeve and techniques employed is crucial. We adjust the artwork we receive to make it suitable for sleeving, taking into account the shrinking that occurs in this process. Based on the shape of the bottle or container, the logo, graphical shapes and texts are predistorted in such a way on the design of the sleeve that they look as intended on your finished packaging. 

all-in sleeving

Supplying and applying sleeves

Rivièra will supply your sleeves and apply them to your packaging. This service concept is referred to as ‘all-in sleeving’. We will deliver the sleeved packaging just in time to your filling line. If you require a more extensive service, we also offer our Decopack option.


Cost-effective total packaging solution

Decopack is a fully sleeved, ready-for-filling packaging delivered just in time to your filling line. Rivièra takes care of the entire process, from purchasing your empty packaging to managing the design and manufacturing of the sleeve, and from sleeving and warehousing to delivery to your filling line.


This one-stop-shopping concept provides you with a single point of contact, a single item number and a single invoice for your total packaging. Decopack is efficient and cost-effective.

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