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Project management

Solid project management is crucial in completing your sleeve projects. Our Project Manager is familiar with all the finer details of the sleeve process, but is also fully aware of the latest developments in printing and packaging.

When our Project Manager is involved in your project from an early stage, we can offer relevant advice to streamline your sleeve project.

In addition, our Project Manager can also offer information on how we can help you purchase the sleeves, bottles or containers and secondary packaging materials you need or handle logistics on your behalf.

Project management | Rivièra Product Decorations B.V.

Making well-considered choices

The Project Manager will be your initial and fixed point of contact. They will discuss all of the particulars with you, which can vary from the choice of basic packaging (glass, plastic or metal) balanced against a variety of considerations, ranging from the application and the dimensions to the material of the sleeve, the printing technique, the type of sleeve (full-body or partial), the colours, the packaging method after sleeving and the cost of the various options. The Project Manager will also discuss the myriad outsourcing options with you, i.e. the extent to which we take care of your processes for you.

Advice at an early stage in the process

The Project Manager and your Sales Manager will advise you throughout the process. They will keep a practical eye on the operations and possible consequences for your filling line and logistics. It is therefore important that you involve us in the design process of the sleeve and the packaging that has to be sleeved, at the earliest possible stage.

Project management | Rivièra Product Decorations B.V.
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