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Rivièra, The specialist in sleeve decoration

Rivièra Product Decorations BV is Europe’s leading sleeving specialist. Sleeving is the application of printed film to plastic, glass or metal packaging. A high-quality sleeve applied with the right technique creates the perfect sleeved packaging. We are specialised in the art of sleeving since 2002.

shrink sleeves

With the application and shrinkage of the sleeve, the printed film and the bottle, pot or container are combined to form a stylish vessel. A perfectly positioned sleeve will give your product an air of quality, with ample space for design and product information.  

Stretch sleeves

For large industrial barrels and jerry cans, but also milk jugs and soda bottles, a different type of sleeves, namely stretch sleeves, is particularly suitable. These sleeves are applied without glue and are easy to remove, so that the packaging can be reused multiple times. Stretch sleeves stay in place thanks to their elasticity.

Outsourcing partner in sleeving

Quality is the principal objective of our fast and flexible automated manufacturing process – a process that enable us to produce a comprehensive range of packaging both in large and medium volumes. With our cost-efficient full-service solutions, we make life easier for you by taking care of the entire process, from purchasing, packaging and designing the sleeves. We sleeve packaging delivering it to your filling line. Rivièra is your outsourcing partner for total packaging solutions.

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