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As a packaging manufacturer, Rivièra recognizes that it has a responsibility for the environment. We closely follow developments in sustainable, bio-based and biodegradable materials and will, whenever possible, use these materials and discuss the various options with our clients. 

An example of a development in the world of sleeving is that sleeves are thinner, and that therefore less plastic is used. The average thickness of the sleeves we are using has dropped from 60 micron to 40 micron over the last years, a reduction of more than 30% and we expect the sleeves to become thinner and thinner!

Furthermore, we are offering sleeves made out of R-PET. We have successfully introduced sleeves containing 30% recycled materials and are developing sleeves with an even higher percentage of recycled materials.

Waste separation can be promoted as well when a client opts  for perforations in the sleeve that will enable the consumers to easily separate the sleeve from the packaging for recycling purposes.

In our company we are separating our waste in following categories: paper based materials, unprinted foil, sleeves, plastic bottles and glass. Our dedicated partners are taking care of the recycling and re-using of these materials.

Our in-house-developed sleeve machines are equipped with smartly insulated steam tunnels. This enables us to save energy and, at the same time, ensure our staff has the benefit of a more comfortable working environment. Moreover, we set ourselves challenging targets for further waste and energy reduction. Of course we have switched our lighting system to LED-light in all our production areas, warehouses and offices.

Rivièra is also proud to announce that it works together with Trees for All to support the realisation of reforestation in the Netherlands and Uganda.

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