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Outsourcing – an economic choice

High-quality products merit high-quality packaging. A perfectly sleeved package serves as a sign of quality at the point of sale. As an outsourcing partner, Rivièra responds quickly and effectively to the needs and requirements of our clients. We have our clients’ sleeves in stock at all times, and take care of the entire process, from ordering and transporting the empty packaging from your supplier to delivering the sleeved packaging to your filling line just in time. This efficient way of working saves on costs and has a shorter time-to-market.

You focus on manufacturing and marketing, while we focus on your packaging!

By outsourcing your sleeving to Rivièra, you can rest assured it is in the hands of a specialist whose packaging does your design and product image justice. An expert with an eye trained for a perfect result, who properly maintains and organises their advanced sleeve lines. 

Managing artwork, the latest sleeving techniques and possibilities, problem-solving and, of course, the entire logistical process up to the filling line, demand know-how and experience. Relieving our clients and their staff of the burden of these additional specialist activities is Rivièra’s core business. For you, this will translate into cost savings and increased turnover.

Outsourcing, an economic choice | Rivièra Product Decorations B.V.

Outsourcing to Rivièra offers a number of benefits:

Outsourcing, an economic choice | Rivièra Product Decorations B.V.
  • You will be able to focus on your core activities of manufacturing and marketing
  • The productivity of your filling line will increase by no less than 35%!
  • You will no longer need to invest and reinvest in equipment and machinery
  • Continuous availability of the latest films and printing techniques
  • Extensive sleeve-manufacturing capacity and six perfectly maintained sleeve lines
  • Technical know-how and experience in sleeving
  • Reduction in waste and overmanufacturing
  • A single point of contact, a single item number and a single invoice for your complete packaging
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